“Voor ontspanning
in lichaam en geest”

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Waarom Start Taiji?

  • Verminderen van stress
  • Gezonder lichaam
  • Lichaamsbewustzijn
  • Diepe ontspannen ademhaling
  • Balans in lichaam en geest

Start Taiji.. iets voor jou?

Relaxation in body and mind sounds good .. but how does it work?

We process huge amounts of information every day. Moments when your mind is calm are rare. Our activities are increasingly one-sided with many repetitive movements. In this way we lose our natural balance unnoticed. In the lessons you will get the knowledge and experience to bring your body and mind back into balance.

There is nothing wrong with an active mind. You only want to be able to relax. The meditative exercises help you with this. You need attention and repetition to relax your body. In the lessons you will get exercises that will help you with that. You will learn a correct posture with which you can relax again. We stretch the muscles, bring mobility back into the joints and practice deep breathing.

The holistic exercises give you the knowledge to make positive change possible. With a beginners course you gain insight into the basics of the Chinese outlook on health. The follow-up lessons give you more depth for further development. Sign up and learn more about Taiji 37, Taijiwuxigong and Gouden Licht Meditatie.

For who?

Icoon taiji - Start Taiji

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Icoon taiji - Start Taiji

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Icoon taiji - Start Taiji

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