The first part of the lesson are exercises in which you guide the movement of your body with your attention. You stretch and relax your muscles and joints. You learn a supportive posture and you bring movement in your blockages. This promotes your Qi flow.

The second part of the lesson is a meditative exercise. You let your body direct the movement and you exercise to keep your attention neutral. This spontaneous movement gives the body the ability to remove pathogenic substances.

Taijiwuxigong consists of simple exercises. It introduces you to the Chinese view of health.

What makes Taijiwuxigong different?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the body is seen as a microcosm. Everything is connected. Discomfort or illness are a disturbance of the natural balance in this microcosm. The flow of Qi nourishes the body and removes pathogenic substances. A blockage in this current results in stagnation. Just like a stone in a river the current changes. With blockages you should think of:

  • Excessive muscle tension
  • Stiffness in joints
  • Cold muscles or joints
  • Excessive thinking
  • Staying in an emotion for a long time
  • A collapsed body position