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Relaxed on the move

If you achieve maximum performance for a long time, it can be difficult to relax in the long term. Of course you want to perform. There is nothing wrong with that. Yet it is good to learn to relax.

  • In top sports people train to a peak moment in order to be able to perform at their maximum. Support from a masseur or physio is very normal.
  • Animals are relaxed in nature when there is no danger. This way they don’t get too tired to be able to perform if necessary.

A consequence of active mental performance is reduced attention in the body. Little attention for your body posture and for variation in movement gives lasting muscle tension.

With a workshop you learn that relaxing in body and mind is about distributing attention. You get handy tips that you can apply every day.

Your workshop is tailor-made. There is a choice of Taiji 37, Taijiwuxigong and Meditation or a mix of these. The rate for a Start Taiji workshop depends on:

  • The size of the group
  • The location
  • The time and duration of the workshop
  • Your wishes

Contact us for the possibilities.