The meaning of..

Taiji 37

Taiji is short for Taijiquan. The literal meaning is the ultimate (Taiji) boxing (quan).

  • There are 37 original techniques that form the basis for the curriculum.


The literal meaning is the ultimate (Taiji) five (wu) breathing through the joints (xi) exercises (gong).

  • The five exercises promote the flow of Qi throughout the body, through the combination of movement, breathing and intention.


The literal meaning is give / activate (Bu) energy (qi)

  • It is an old Chinese word to indicate healing.


The literal meaning is pathogenic (Bin) unknown factor (qi)

  • A pathogenic factor.

Yin – Yang

Yin and Yang seem opposite, but merge into each other. Like tension and relaxation alternate. You could say that Yin and Yang are a dynamic duo of two extremes. A dichotomy of principles or forces that permeates all aspects of life and the universe.


The Chinese word Qi has many meanings. A literal translation is “invisible” or “unknown factor”. In the lessons we mean by Qi especially Yuan Qi which can be translated as life energy or original energy.

Just as Western Medicine divides into systems, such as the hormone system or blood circulation, Traditional Chinese Medicine has a more holistic view of how a body works.

Qi flow nourishes and protects the body. A blockage in the Qi flow can affect the entire body. We practice to reduce blockages and improve the Qi flow.